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So. You want to be a photographer?!

Photography WebsitesProphoto

Proofing Gallery: Shootproof

Website Hosting: Siteground This is totally an affiliate link. I really do love Siteground though! They’re up 99% of the time and I’ve never had a problem with them. When I’ve had a problem (alway user error) they were quick to help me fix it. Completely WordPress friendly! I currently have two of my sites hosted through them and I plan on using SiteGround foreveh! If you haven’t already purchased your URL you can do that here and the first year domain registration is included! What?! I just saved you $15!

WordPress: Just. Just use it. Half the internet uses wordpress and there’s a reason for it. These people know what they’re doing. Save your self the headache and just do it.

When I started out I had no idea what I was doing, okay, I still don’t but I’m willing to help you through the slog of what I’ve learned.

When I launched Kiss Me Kate Studios the only thing I’d done on the internet, besides shop myself into credit card debt (hi, Amazon!) was have a little family blog with maybe a hundred readers. On Blogger. Which is basically cut and paste website blogging, totally awesome, totally easy. Loved it! I decided the photography thing had to be loads harder than that! Plus I’d been introduced to Facebook by then and my blogging about my family became non-existent. Bye-bye MattCmob. (insert unhappy crying face here)

I knew WordPress was the way to go. Why? Okay. Here’s what I wish someone would have told me.

Your website is going to have a lot of content. Pages of information and pages of photographs– you need a way to wrangle all that mess into one spot. WordPress IS that spot. No coding needed, they have people for that, they make things called plug-ins that will help you make your site do just about anything and what it doesn’t do widgets will do. Also, how can you not be in love with a website that uses widgets to make life easier?

So it’s like this:

  1. Host (SiteGround)–this is where the files and photos are physically stored for viewing on the WWW. Your domain (website name-which is basically an address) will point here to find all the information your viewer is looking for. You will need to do a little background work here to get it set up for WordPress, but it is super easy. Really.
  2. Content Management (WordPress)– This is where the pretty listing of your pages and photos are for you, the non-computer programmer, to organize and publish for the entire universe to see.
  3. WordPress Theme– Here is where ProPhoto comes in. They have years of experience making Portrait and Wedding Photographer websites look amazing. They are even coordinating with Design Aglow for new modern themes. There is a bit of a learning curve with each template and the name of everything but once you figure it out you’re golden. Some of the really awesome theme designers will give you an informational PDF to show you where things go and what they’re called. I love those thoughtful designers. <3

These things together make = Functional and Productive Website!

I’ll be updating and editing this page periodically. (Read as: When I learn more and find out I’m messed something up.) Please check back and let me know if I’ve helped in any way!

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