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Forever Friends

It all started 20+ years ago in a Illinois State University Art Class, Oriental Art to be exact. I met Sisterfriend and we bonded over many slide cases of Asian Art. We were inseparable from then on… except she graduated… and I got married… and she got a real job… then I moved out of state… Despite it all we’re still together she’s the yin to my yang and we’re still ridiculously supportive of each other.

Sisterfriend rescued a greyhound a couple of years ago; racing was all this poor boy knew and then in walks my fabulous friend to the rescue center and treats him to a life he never could have imagined. Money (I kid you not, that is his name- racing name Money Maker) is a member of her family and she wanted to make sure she would have fabulous art to commemorate her love for him so we set up a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.

Let me tell you a few things about this dog. Money is the biggest, as in tallest, greyhound I’ve ever seen. His head is at dinner table height when he’s standing, not standing on his hind legs, just on all fours. While we were walking the Naperville River Walk for our shoot the other pedestrians would comment on her ‘small horse’, to which her clever reply was always, “He’s My Little Pony!” Followed by Sisterfriend and I laughing hysterically.

We enjoyed the comments and looks of amazement while shooting and then let him lay down and chill out while we got caught up in each others’ lives at a local bar & grill that allowed him to be outside with us. We had the best time getting out of our own little bubbles and seeing each other. I think she’ll find something she likes in the photographs we took, what do you think?

Sisterfriend 1

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