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Hate it or love it technology is helping!

šŸ™‚ (insert every super happy and positive emoticon you can think of right here!)

I’ve been telling myself this for the last two weeks while trying to figure out what’s wrong with my Dye-sublimation printer. The one that is SIX MONTHS OLD.

I couldn’t print anything and I kept getting a ‘hardware error’ I couldn’t clear out. One of the problems I ran into is thatĀ I use a Mac, the printerĀ is Japanese, and for some reason theĀ utility software is for PC’s only. (That is so very… OS-ist!) Because of this, I wasn’t able toĀ get any other answers other than a red error light on the front of the printer and a hardware error alert in my print queue.

Today I magically fixed it! I’d love to explain how, but I have no idea! I’ve been taking it apart every couple of days, I never went into the “motherboard” nitty gritty but taking the case off and moving stuff around inside isn’t too hard. I also have little fear of that kind of thing.Ā I gave it one last ditch effort today and BOOM!Ā I removed the paper and reset it and the fairies sprinkled pixie dust on it and magically it started working again.


Considering I have proof prints to get out and a photo booth job next week, I’m so very grateful!

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